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Last year, after introducing a new in-house movement and investing CHF 40 million in a factory to support the production of that movement, TAG Heuer had a change of heart. Or, more specifically, TAG Heuer CEO (and LVMH Watch Division President) Jean-Claude Biver had a change of heart. The company shifted directions, presumably to cater replica tag heuer to a broader market for lower-priced watches. It seems that mass-produced, in-house column-wheel chronograph movements were not part of that business strategy and so the release of the new movement was nixed, along with the Carrera CH80 and the manufacturing facility in Chevenez, Switzerland. Partnerships with quasi-celebrities like Cara Delevingne followed, and now C after Bivers hints in various news reports C Tag Heuer has announced an ambitious new venture with two powerful companies in the tech industry. From a business-school-textbook perspective, this all makes logical sense. TAG Heuer has the brand recognition and association with (relatively affordable) luxury, Intel has the chip-making expertise, and Google has the power of its Android Wear mobile operating software. Like Apple, the attrinity new triumvirate is placing a big bet that consumers are interested in this hybrid of luxury and technology. Details of the upcoming product have yet replica cartier watches to be announced, but according to a press release from TAG Heuer, the goal is to produce a smartwatch that elevates the category. It is essential to remember that the watch industry extends far replica omega watches beyond collectors of vintage and blue-chip modern watches. There are millions of (sometimes expensive) quartz watches still sold around the world today and for consumers of those watches, this new breed of luxury smartwatches may prove to be a more compelling value proposition.
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